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Ghosn/Obama FRAUD

I'm VERY upset that Gannett papers are ignoring this story.   It's a pure example of the politically biased media.   


& Renault took billions of government money from 5 countries: Japan, France, USA, Portugal & England to build capacity for 500.000 Leafs per year.

told the Shareholders the goal was to sell 250,000 a year. That means 1/2 the jobs promised will NOT happen, 

moved to Tennessee in 2006 promised 1300 HQ jobs, only 831 are in existence

then took more government money for 1300 “factory” jobs.  I was told the #’s are the same to “confuse” the masses

has to sell 500,000 Leafs to "break even" & as of September they've sold a little over 6000
(Ghosn said 100,000 would be sold by 2012 that's obviously NOT happening)

took a DOE loan of 1.4 Billion. It was relayed to me that NISSAN’s operating margins don’t allow for DOE debt repayment if the Leaf is a flop.

CEO Carlos Ghosn took the money expecting the Leaf to be a flop,  that is why the design was a bit "off" the range is 30% less than expected if the AC is on it is 60% below what was promised to the government.   Tesla CEO from the start said

was using "dinasour" technology.

NISSAN used the battery created in the C.A.R.B. days (in the late 90's California requiered automakers to make a % of EV's in every fleet and "that's the technology that Ghosn and his executives used after taking DOE money. Some

NISSAN employees suspect LOTS of the 1.4 billion was pocketed by "friends of Obama/Ghosn" who became "consultants"...  ??? How about an audit :):) 

NISSAN customers will suffer for the battery will degregate more and more each year, the range will consistantly become LOWER .  They got a lemon.

has committed FRAUD!!!  
Wall Street Journal says:
“Iran Smuggles New Weapons to Iraq and Afghanistan”
??? Why is America "subsidizing"
a French company when it is directly doing business with IRAN (Renault is the parent to NISSAN)
Renault sales in Iran are up 70% this year. 
Our taxpayer money given to NISSAN is supporting the terrorist trying to KILL us.
??? Why did America give NISSAN a Foreign Company OVER a Billion Taxpayer Dollars to build a car using technology from the 90’s,technology that proved to be NOT profitable in the past. If they get better technology Renault will share it with Iran.
???  Did Carlos Ghosn a friend of the Obama Administration just want the FREE DOE money.
"The Energy Department's inspector general, Gregory Friedman, said his office has 64 open investigations centered on stimulus spending. They include "the directing of contracts and grants to friends and family,"  Ronnie Greene and Matthew Mosk  

FBI raids solar panel firm Solyndra after bankruptcy filing ”Energy Department agents also execute search in federal stimulus loan guarantees."  warrants at the Northern California company, which had received $535 million “ LA Times
NISSAN Whistleblower’s web statistics have been tampered with: Many DOE funded companies have read Sharyn Bovat’s blogs.
???  In the 70’s remember the missing tapes.
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